Air Tightness Testing and Air Integrity Sealing

Air tightness is the resistance of inward or outward air leakage, which can result in increased power consumption and a cold, draughty building and an increased energy consumption arising from both the air leakage and the requirement of the continuity of insulation.

Air Integrity Sealing prevents air leakage from buildings, allowing internal environments to be controlled by HVAC Systems. Sealing buildings is essential because in cold weather it is difficult for buildings to maintain temperature and in hot weather it is similarly a challenge for air conditioning units to maintain a consistent temperature when there is a constant inflow of hot air from outside.

Building regulations now demand that all buildings over a certain size are designed, constructed and tested to air tightness standards in order to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

By improving the air tightness of a client’s building, we can help our clients make savings with considerably reduced energy costs.


Also, an increased temperature provides additional comfort for building users, office staff and visiting customers, which are tangible benefits to the client.

At Gerco-Fas we have the expertise to advise you on making sure your building complies with legislation, and in many cases achieving a higher standard of air sealing.

We provide the installation of Air Integrity Sealing and Air Pressure to help you comply with building regulations and reduce both your costs and your carbon footprint. We are one of the first sub contractors in the UK to specialise in the application and testing of sealing buildings with this system.

We consistently achieve the best air leakage results and have the necessary expertise to advise on the latest techniques associated with meeting legislative requirements and reducing operating costs.