Passive Fire Protection in Data Centres

We take a collaborative approach in everything we do, working across all sectors to offer fire protection and air integrity sealing systems using only the most advanced products and services. Our unrivalled knowledge means that we have had the privilege of working with local, national and international companies.

Data centres are perhaps our most technical field of expertise as they comprise of comprehensive detailing with various aspects of components. On such vast developments, often measured by the square kilometre, we encounter Generator Rooms, High Voltage Electricity, Data Halls, Office Blocks and a huge volume of ancillary areas. Due to the sensitive nature of Data Centres, all staff complies with non-disclosure and strict security measures. Planning is paramount for which we have the benefit of foresight to ensure works progress swiftly and to the programme, quite an achievement considering our Data Centre Projects average 10,000 service penetrations.

The technology involved in Data Centres is truly staggering, throughout the various zones multiple types of services are utilised to facilitate an operational building, we have to employ several differing measures of passive fire protection to ensure regulatory statutes are achieved. Specifications are intricate as is access requirements however our specialist Data Centre Team triumph in protecting said equipment with precision installations and eradicating the possibility of fibre migration.

Unlike most traditional passive fire protection systems, completed installs are clearly visible to the client and subsequent building users. It ís gratifying to offer peace of mind, supported by test evidence, that our installations exceed expectations.

We carried out several phases of a project for Microsoft in Holland. We supplied and installed Firestopping to service penetrations and Structural Fire Protection of the steelwork within compartmentalised areas.

We provided Passive Fire Protection comprising Firestopping and Cavity Barriers for the Google Data Centre in Holland.