Gerco-Fas is one of the most reliable sub-contractors to the UK & European construction industry.

Our core business is the installation of systems to seal against fire and smoke and to prevent air leakage. Find out more about our Passive Fire Protection and Air Integrity Sealing services.


The management team at Gerco-Fas has over 30 years experience in the Passive Fire Protection industry and over their time have been leaders in innovation.

We have built proactive relationships throughout the supply chain to establish an excellent reputation for reliability with our customers.

Typical projects include:
– Data centres
– Shopping complexes
– Multi-storey industrial & commercial developments
– Superstores
– Hotels
– Hospitals
– Prisons
– Schools, colleges and universities


Passive Fire Protection

Fire protection in buildings is a fundamental requirement of building design. Effective fire protection prevents the passage of smoke and fire in service openings through walls, ceilings and floors.

Gerco-Fas has achieved a predominant position in the field of Passive Fire Protection.

We can install and advise on all aspects of fire rated installations including:
– Cladding of Structures
– Fire Rated Ductwork Systems
– Penetrations / Cavity Barriers
– Walls and Linings

All of our materials, installation practices and procedures have been independently certified by the Warrington Certification FIRAS Scheme and Safecontractor.

Air Integrity Sealing

Gerco-Fas are specialists in Air Integrity Sealing of buildings. Let us help you comply with building regulations and reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.

Gerco-Fas is one of the first sub-contractors in the UK to specialise in the application and testing of Air Integrity Sealing of buildings it has the necessary expertise to advise on the latest techniques associated with meeting legislative requirements and reducing operating costs. Gerco-Fas consistently achieves the best air leakage results and provides nationwide certification for this service in conjunction with our partners

Air tightness is important because in cold weather it is difficult for buildings to maintain temperature and in hot weather it is similarly a challenge for air conditioning units to maintain a consistent temperature when there is a constant inflow of of hot air from outside.

Building regulations now demand that all buildings over a certain size are designed, constructed and tested to an air tightness standard in order to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

We have the expertise to advise you on ensuring your building complies with this legislation. In many cases, we work directly to client specifications to achieve a higher standard of air tightness.

1. Industry leader

FIRST in the UK to introduce tagging to fire stopped openings so that each opening has a unique reference identifier.

2. Innovative Partner

FIRST to partner with Tesco to make stores airtight to improve building efficiency. This is now mandatory in the UK.

3. Employee Development

FIRST in the UK to set NVQ’s to upskill employees and set a benchmark for the industry.

4. Accreditations

FIRST to partner with Tesco to make stores airtight to improve building efficiency. This is now mandatory in the UK.

Safecontractor recognises companies who, after rigorous scrutiny and regular audits, show that their procedures, practices and performance operate to the highest health and safety standards.

FIRAS is awarded to installation contractors of fire protection systems following the successful assessment of office management systems, workmanship of site for all trade disciplines for which certification is sought, competence of supervisory and installation employees.


Our Safecontractor accreditation and FIRAS certification give our clients confidence that a professional approach is the norm and that exceptional health, safety and workmanship are being applied to our projects.

We are in the construction business ñ and love and know it well. Contact us to talk about your project.