Firestopping Services

Our Firestopping Systems prevent the passage of smoke, toxic gasses and fire throughout a building and between floors in the event of a fire.

By sealing the penetrations through walls, roofs, floors, service risers and voids, we can ensure that our client’s buildings retain their fire resistance.

We work in partnership with our clients, architects, contractors and building inspectors to ensure that we provide appropriate, cost-effective, fully designed and engineered Firestopping Systems tailored to each building.

We install both vertical and horizontal firestops through floors and walls, and these are primarily used to seal penetrations formed for the passage of services such as drainage, pipes, cables and the like. We use Fire Batt, Ablative Paint, Fire Mastic, HPE Mastic, Fire Collars, Structural Mortar Compound, Intumescent Service Wraps, Intumescent Collars and Intumescent Pillows.


Our systems range from simple joint and gap sealing to more complex movement or expansion joints. We also provide systems for the protection of mechanical and electrical services penetrating through walls and floors, with structural and loadbearing options available for service risers and shafts.

Other typical applications include the provision of Firestopping under raised computer-floor areas and slab-edge separation within curtain-walling and cladding applications.

Not only do these Firestopping Systems help to protect the building’s load-bearing structure, but they also protect lives and your investment. All Firestopping Systems are fully accredited and comply with the specified fire strategy and Part B building regulations. We ensure that our technicians are fully trained and up to date with any new regulations and Firestopping methods.