Due to our increased European Market Share here at Gerco-Fas we’ve taken the bold move to form our Swiss Sister Company Gerco-Fas GmbH. Recently established we’ve already procured a lucrative contract to undertake the installation of Firestopping Systems to a large pharmaceutical plant currently under construction in the Swiss Canton of Solothurn. Although the project is in the early stages there’s potential for several phases being built over forthcoming years. We’re delighted to be a part of such a prestigious development as are our Core Projects Team and new Swiss Colleagues.

Switzerland is a very challenging country to infiltrate, although part of Europe they have opted to remain out with the European Union which does bring incredibly enlightening situations for us to overcome. For instance, the importing of materials, local employment laws, working permits, pensions and healthcare insurances are just a mere number of legislative requirements that we have taken the pleasure to learn over recent months.

Itís a beautiful country with a tremendous culture that has been more than welcoming to a newly formed business. We feel privileged to have formed such robust international bonds.

More news shall come in the future as works progress, watch this space.