Choosing the right Passive Fire Sub-contractor is crucial to the success of any construction project.

Choose the correct passive fire protection sub-contractor and you will have peace of mind that this part of your build process will be completely taken care of, helping to ensure your client is satisfied to sign off on the build contract with no concern regarding major snagging issues cropping up in the months after the project is completed.

Get this wrong and the problems it will cause can reverberate throughout the build and lead to long delays and a huge increase in project costs.

So, how do you choose which Passive Fire Sub-contractor to work with?

Gerco-Fas has a proven track record which spans over many years. We work with a number of contractors on major projects throughout the UK and Western Europe. We understand the importance of a client engaging the correct passive fire protection sub-contractor to meet their project demands. We have put together this valuable Passive Fire Industry Checklist which provides an excellent guide when choosing a sub-contractor.

Checklist for Selecting a Passive Fire Protection Sub-contractor for any Commercial Project

1. A sub-contractor who is a fully accredited company.

a. Industry specific third party accreditations which means the company works to an industry standard.


b. This means the relevant accreditor can undertake spot check inspections at any time reporting back to confirm current compliance.

2. Highly experienced with a long standing proven track record in the industry.

a. It is important this is backed up by robust case studies.

b. The case studies must be referenced to confirm and record their validity.

3. Technical expertise and support comprising the following areas.

a. Building regulations.

b. Common practices.

c. In-depth product systems knowledge.

d. Customer support during and after project completion.

4. Excellent standard of product procurement

a. Certified tested solutions.

b. Technical product support.

c. Efficient solutions.

d. Value engineered solutions.

e. Competitively priced.

5. A sub-contractor who contribute to design development.

a. This involvement must be constructive.

b. A collaborative process is the optimum relationship.

6. A sub-contractor who will integrate their works in the proposal and planning phases.

a. You do not want a Fire Passive Protection company who simply turn up on the day or rely on return visits.

b. Ensuring one continuous site visit is the goal at all times.

c. You are looking for a close alliance during the project to avoid any miscommunication or project delays.

7. A passive fire protection sub-contractor who has an excellent reputation for reliability onsite and offsite.

a. They must also offer a proactive and collaborative approach throughout the supply chain.

b. This reliability must be referenced via case studies as consistent during and if necessary after project completion.

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a. Ensuring they utilise the most advanced tailored fire protection systems and processes.

b. Using only the best products available to the market.

9. A passive fire protection sub-contractor who ensures design support and value engineered proposals form an important part of the process.


10. Ensure your sub-contractor is engaged in future proofing works against the following possible events and eventualities.

a. Harmonisation to European standards (whether the UK remains in the EU or not).

b. New legislation.

c. This will help avoid abortive costs by future proofing project specifications.

d. Ensures you stay legal during and after project completion.

Gerco-Fas understands the importance of meeting the professional standards expected by contractors such as Commercial Managers, Procurement Managers, Estimating Managers, Project Managers, Facilities and Estate Managers and Mechanical & Electrical Contractors.

Gerco-Fas is a specialist company in Passive Fire Protection and Air Integrity Sealing throughout the UK and Western Europe.

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