Passive Fire Protection Services

Passive Fire Protection is a critical consideration for all new and existing buildings and is essential for preventing or slowing the spread of fire in all areas of construction.

By using comprehensive Passive Fire Protection Systems we can avoid the passage and spread of fire from one area of a building to another. Also, by sectioning buildings, we can allow for protected zones for any occupants to escape quickly and safely.

Passive Fire Protection Systems will also prevent and reduce the amount of damage caused to a building and its neighbouring structures, and even minimize the risk of a building collapsing.


Passive fire protection is a combination of material choice, building materials, layout and design including:

  • The protection of a building’s structural elements
  • Using appropriate fire-safe construction materials with limited toxicity
  • Constructing protected zones and escape areas
  • Fire Rated Ductwork Systems
  • Suitable fire rated partition walls and ceiling linings
  • Fire-safe cavity barriers

We supply accredited systems available from the world’s leading manufacturers and can provide custom solutions for non-standard applications.